written 6/23/17

“Imagination means nothing without doing.” Profound words for Charlie Chaplain and the lengths which he applied it. To apply something remarkable towards something you didn’t know was lost. The point in being alive, the creative’s strive not only to change your view, but the world itself; for even a thoughtful moment be the center of another universe. For surely a creative knows not their own limit. They are in themselves, remarkable. Worthy of attention. The blank pages of history are filled by writers. The very essence of a voice, of words can alter perception itself. Creatives are a chaotic neutral state dictated for good or ill by the spirit behind the page. Writers ask questions only to build on new ones, crafting monoliths of mysteries to solve. The multitudinous applications of remarkable thought could be argued, are the driving force of humanity. To know more. To be more. To learn more about ourselves and the world. The writing gets louder. our ideas move uniform with each new discovery. If writers are a bunch of people trying to be one person than the book in your hand is a whole being; condensed. In the sheer ataraxia is a remarkable handsel available to you and reality itself. Is it truly necessary for every question to be answered? Perhaps, perhaps no. Ah, but therin lies the elusive limit. Not all questions have answers we can handle nor are willingly ready to accept. Research for truth is not for the faint of heart or the sane, that is why the universe created writers.


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