written 11/12/16
One after the other, attention
Sinking funds in high definition
Medial puppets on parade
Long winded, the jokers tirade

Broken facts we all retain
Rewrite history twice, thrice and again-
Give us more!
We the viewers, listening whores
Triggered; desensitized to gore
Watching fields burn as ratings soar
While good ones fight another war

The blue to black, and white to grey
moralistically gay we sway
Loved ones on fire
Terrorists, the pendulums swing
Murder is murder

To write is to scream
Defiance and truth
I yearn to bring
Words spilled
Bitter pills
Feed the mission
Freedom instills

Marching on without a beat
The clickity clack of wooden feet
The ground it leaks
The blackened sea
Futile struggle
No end I see
Our garden rent with political weeds
All to nurture the bitter germ
Called GREED.


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