Kindness the grass and field of spring. Photosynthetic hunter of the seasons bring soothing pastel of the senses, a little less than white.

The emblem of may. Claddagh of friendship, love and loyalty.

Green reflections Screen. Changing the scene. Going organic. Herbal tea. Alive with camouflage and prosperity.

Sanctuary; the one hue valued more than blue. Creative Jade, soft and cool to the touch.

Negatively a poison shroud. Envy and illness. American tender. Martian Peridot from space. Mystical, beautiful Verde. Portugal. Italy. Romany. Attuned to nature, self, and surroundings.

The color of home. Green thumb of Ireland. The shamrock resistance. Good luck to the friendly fool. Green is my soul. It shelters my heart.

Emerald is the path I tread. Midori; calm sage, Viridian traveler of the age. Ever-the-green, imbibed with healing Aventurine of the written word.


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